margaret river

    The drive down to Margs is for the most part boring, but man, is it worth it. By Cowtown, the land is lush and it’s all farmland and wineries. By the time we get to Margaret Rover, the cube farm feels very far away, and ahead is a weekend of wining and dining. […]

margaret river

Somewhere near Prevelly Park. Gabriel Chocolate. Poached salmon with peas and horseradish cream at Aravina Estate. Excellent starter of Thai prawns and coconut rice.   Ocean trout with yuzu dressing at Miki’s Open Kitchen. The beginning of a fabulous meal. Tempura course at Miki’s – zucchini, scallop and out of focus, nori wrapped Fremantle sardines. […]

margaret river farmers’ market

Margaret River Bakery’s morning bun. The love child of a croissant and cinnamon bun. The very popular Combi Coffee combi van. You can also catch these guys at the Prevelly River mouth on Sunday mornings…   Native blooms at Cape Flora Estate’s stall. (These photos do no justice to the sheer abundance of colour.) One […]

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