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Perth is experiencing a boom in farmers’ markets. It’s due time, especially in an age where food often comes from places we can’t drive to or are vacuumed packed for long life, not good taste. Most of the markets are in the inner city and make for a lovely morning of gathering food often with a hearty breakfast in hand. For the love of buying fresh, local food, from producers who drive it in, not fly it in, check out these markets.

Here are some ‘best of’ picks for guidance:

Best family atmosphere: Subiaco Farmers’ Market
Best variety of eats: Growers Green Market
Best organic produce: City Farm Organic Growers’ Market
Best old school market: Midland Farmers’ Market

This page is living, so feel free to email me about new markets or changes in market details. I try my best to keep the details as up to date as possible, but PLEASE PLEASE check the details on the markets’ website (if available).

City Farm Organic Growers’ Market
1 City Farm Place, Cnr of Lime and Brown Streets, East Perth WA 6004
Open every Saturday 8am – noon
» see my article 

Growers’ Green Market (Fremantle) 
South Fremantle Senior High School, Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield WA
Open every Sunday 8am – 12 noon
» see my article

Kalamunda Farmers’ Market
Central Mall, Kalamunda WA 6076
Open every Sunday 8am – 1pm
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Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market
Kyilla Park, Clieveden Street (between Charles and Walcott Streets), North Perth
Open every Saturday 8am – 11.30am

Leederville Farmers Market
Between Oxford Street Carpark and Newcastle Street (corner Carr Place)
Open every Sunday 7.30am – noon

Mandurah Peel Farmers’ Market
Peel Education & Training Campus, Education Drv (off Gordon Rd) Greenfields, Mandurah
Open every Sunday 9am – 1pm

Manning Clontarf Farmers’ Market
Clontarf Aboriginal College (opposite Curtin University) Manning Road, Manning WA 6102
Open every Saturday 8am – 1pm
» see my article

Midland Farmers’ Market
Old Great Northern Highway, Midland WA 6056
Open every Sunday 7am – 3pm
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Mt Claremont Farmers’ Market
Mt Claremont Primary School, Cnr of Alfred Road and Montgomery Road, Mt Claremont WA 6010
Open every Saturday 7:30 -11:30am

Poynter Farmers’ Market
Poynter Primary School, Poynter Dr, Duncraig WA 6023
Open Saturdays, fortnightly (check website for dates)
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Subiaco Farmers’ Market
Subiaco Primary School, 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008
Open every Saturday 8am – noon
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Stirling Farmers’ Market
Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6020
Open every Sunday 7.30am – 11.30am
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Victoria Park Farmers Market
John McMillan Park, Kent Street, Victoria Park
Open every Sunday 8am – 11am

Western Farmers’ Market
Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie Street, Palmyra WA 6157
Open every Sunday 7.30am – 12.30pm
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  1. mei

    For people looking for stall applications for Growers Green, head to this link:

  2. Ian [EagerExistence]

    I’ve been going to the Wanneroo Markets for about 15 years. I only buy produce at the Supermarket in emergencies.

    Wanneroo Markets
    33 Prindiville Drive Wangara, Perth WA 6065 (08) 9409 8397 ?

  3. mei

    Ian – Hello! I try to only buy at supermarkets when I need toilet rolls, cleaning stuff etc but otherwise head to markets for everything else too. Thanks for the Wanneroo Markets tip – they’ve been there for donkey’s years! Must go back one day. Good luck with your trip and wish you all the best fun and adventure!

  4. Edwina

    OOh so glad to have found you. We are visiting Perth next month for a few days, and will definitely visit one of these markets. We will also be moving to Perth in December 2012, can’t wait!

  5. mei

    Edwina – Hello Edwina! I hope your visit to Perth bodes well for your move over here. What a huge change from Dubai! It’ll be great to have another food blog on the Perth scene next year. Let me know what you think of the markets. :)

  6. lisa

    thanks: this is the single most useful webpage ive found in a long time! And your blogs are great :) One gripe about some of the farmers markets ive been is that not all the produce is from wa, which to me completley defeats the purpose of a farmers market! Why buy produce from over east, when at the next stall there is the same product that was picked the day prior in perth area?

  7. mei

    Lisa – Hi! Thanks! My strategy is to avoid the big stalls with crates of absolutely everything and head to the growers selling a single product, or to small time backyard growers (these are more likely to be found at Midland and Kalamunda due to the proximity to country areas). Alternatively, look out for farmers’ markets with stricter charters – like Growers’ Green or Subiaco. You may also be interested in CSAs, have a look at Mimsbrook. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. lisa

    hi, a tip for people north of the city ‘organic on charles’ has a good selection of WA grown veg for the weekends where you cannot make it to the markets (sleep-ins, work and family etc!)

  9. jojo

    hi mei, thanks for the link to CSA’s. how do you find the service at Mimsbrook? Also, what do you mean by “stricter charters” at markets like the one at Subiaco? thanks!

  10. mei

    jojo – Hi jojo thanks for dropping by. I’ve never actually been to the Mimsbrook shop, only heard it through word of mouth. Some markets have stricter policies regarding the stallholders – for example, the product has to be either grown or made by the person running the stall, ensuring the money actually goes to the producer. Or perhaps, like City Farm’s Saturday markets, the produce has to be organic.

  11. Torbay Asparagus

    Have you been to the Albany Farmers’ Market? Every Saturday on Collie Street in Albany 8am until 12. You can get the freshest Torbay Asparagus there.

  12. mei

    Torbay Asparagus – I’ve always wanted to go there, alas Albany has just been to far to drive on our trips down south. Would love to stock up your asparagus! One day perhaps. ;) Thanks for dropping by!

  13. MikeT

    But how many of the above are true Farmers Markets? ie Have a charter that only what you grow you can sell!

  14. Paul

    Hello Mei – just a quick thanks from Sarcha and I for letting people know about the new Leederville Farmers Market. Please come and say hello when you visit us. We love and share your passion for the great things these markets do for the local community and our incredible West Australian growers and food artisans!

  15. Mei Leong

    Paul – Hi Paul! My pleasure – I can’t wait to check out the markets and will definitely drop by and say hi when I do. All the best for the venture and thanks for dropping by on the blog! :)

  16. Paul

    Hello again Mei,

    I hope your good food quest is continuing strongly!

    Just a quick note to let your readers know that Leederville Farmers Market has amended its trading hours. The markets now open at 8.00 am and closing at 12.30 pm every Sunday. A 30 minute push forward! The sun is getting up later and so are we!!

  17. Martina

    Why does Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market have a strikethrough on your list, it’s definitelt still running, nearly a year now I think and the last few months it’s been better than ever. We go there every week, it’s the most family oriented farmers market we’ve ever been too. The farmers there are great, the organic meat, vegies and bread are all there and the convenience meals save my weekend!

  18. Mei Leong

    Martina – Hi Martina, thanks for letting me know! The app that checks the link for availability listed it as broken, hence the strike through. It’s fixed now (thanks!). Glad to hear the markets are going strong – it certainly is a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Mei

  19. Michelle

    The website for Kyilla Community Farmers markets had to change for technical reasons a while ago its now

  20. Mei

    Michelle – Thanks for the heads up! The link has been updated. :)

  21. Steve

    Just wondering if you know which, if any, of the markets has a stall where it’s possible to buy duck eggs? Or anywhere to buy duck eggs?

  22. Mei

    Steve – Hi Steve. I’m not aware of any market stalls selling duck eggs, however they’re quite common at Vietnamese grocers (don’t confuse them with balut, the fertilized duck eggs!). Try Tan Hoa (Brisbane Street Northbridge) or any of the surrounding Viet stores (VHT or Daily Supermarket on William Street). Also I’ve seen duck eggs for sale at Tony Ale’s in Cockburn. Good luck!

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