I’m a food writer with special interest in cultural and ethnic cuisines. I am a regular contributor to Feast, a national monthly food magazine associated with SBS, Detail MC’s South precinct magazine and Agenda City Perth (rebranded as Good44). Please feel free to contact me to discuss writing opportunities or freelance projects.


SOUTH, December 2014: Copper Chimney


Download (PDF, 292KB)


SOUTH, December 2014: That Little Mexican Place


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FEAST, October 2014: Perth

So, so lucky to be able write and chronicle all my favourites in this amazing city of ours. I could only capture so much in thousand words or so – it was both a rewarding and daunting piece to submit.


Download (PDF, 2.27MB)


FEAST, March 2014: The Sourdough Artist Yoke Mardewi

Download (PDF, 245KB)


FEAST, September 2013: Albis Durand : Quinoa Atamalada

By far my favourite article ever. I might be biased as Albis is a dear friend and his son Tiago, is far too cute for words. I love the recipe too – it’s comforting, simple and traditional.

Download (PDF, 285KB)


FEAST, September 2013: North Perth

An amazing neighbourhood of hidden gems, coffee and good old fashioned service.

Download (PDF, 541KB)


FEAST, August 2013: Krakowianka Restaurant at the Cracovia Club

Built on blood, sweat and tears, the Cracovia Club is a testament to heritage, family and of course, food. Feeding the hordes of soccer fans is the Krakowianka Restaurant, serving the best pierogi and cabbage rolls this side of Krakow.

Download (PDF, 698KB)


FEAST, October 2012: Joe de Silva : Bhooni

A profile of Joe, who shares his Goan and Anglo Indian heritage through his favourite dish: bhooni. This is comfort food at its best.

Download (PDF, 289KB)


FEAST, September 2012: Feast Food Awards

I was lucky enough to be the Perth judge for the inaugural Feast Food Awards. Ten categories. 1 winners and 2 runners-up in each, it was a blast. Buy the September issue now to see Perth’s best eats.


FEAST, June 2012: Elby Grabe: Biltong

A profile of Elby, who kindly made a huge batch of biltong for the shots! They are seriously addictive. (Thanks Elby!)

Download (PDF, 542KB)


FEAST, May 2012: The Prophet

Run by father and son duo, Jihad and Christian, The Prophet is indeed a special place in East Vic Park. What you eat on the menu are Jihad’s special dishes – his mum’s omelette, his raw lamb kibbeh nayeh – all passed down to his son Christian, who inexplicably improves on his father’s work. One of my favourite restaurants in Perth.


Download (PDF, 1.29MB)


FEAST, March 2012: Kakulas Sister, Perth

One of my favourite stores in all of Perth – Kakulas Sister in Fremantle. There’s a Kakulas Sister in Nollamara too.


Download (PDF, 1.11MB)


FEAST, January 2012: Myaree & Winthrop, Perth

If there ever was a delegated Malaysian district in Perth it would by Winthrop! All the nationalities (and food) that represent Malaysia – Baba Nyonya, Chinese, Indian and Malay – are in these two suburbs.

Download (PDF, 1.65MB)


FEAST, November 2011: Wabi Sabi

A wonderful Japanese retreat just metres away from the Kalamunda township, Adele and Gino offer Japanese hospitality within their ryokan and expertly manicured gardens. As part of a ryokan stay, a kaiseki meal – a multi course personalised meal – is cooked by Gino. This is wear you come for the complete Japanese experience without leaving Perth. Amazing stuff.

Download (PDF, 2.53MB)


FEAST, September 2011: Koreatown, Perth

This ’In the Neighbourhood’ article was published in the first edition of SBS Feast. On the eastern fringe of Perth’s CBD shopping district, I explore the various Korean shops, eateries and meet the owners and hear their stories. An excerpt of the article can also be found here. Another Perth based story was printed in the first issue, see Wild Sourdough below.

Download (PDF, 1.24MB)


FEAST, September 2011: Wild Sourdough

Yoke’s intimate knowledge of sourdough fermentation goes beyond bread and into diet, passion, health and general good living. I went along for the beginner sourdough which I highly recommend to anybody interested in baking bread. That’s me petting Yoke’s flour eating jack russell terrier, in my Henry the 8th apron bought from the Tower of London gift shop. :)

Download (PDF, 1.7MB)

Download (PDF, 1MB)

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